The 100% Italian production center (Chieri -TO) where specialized technicians produce, assemble and repair Cesare Quaranta branded equipments.

Before placing on the market, each technology is produced with state-of-the-art, manually assembled, checked and controlled with the best reliability tests.

The attention to details, the use of fine materials and appropriate tools, the continuous research of cutting-edge components and steady improvements made
the company known today for the strength and durability of its equipment that have a life cycle generally superior to 10 years.

The guarantee for the customer to purchase spare parts even after 10 years makes the company a point of reference for all operators in the sector.

Cesare Quaranta patent makes equipments authentic, unique and inimitable.

Cesare Quaranta company is a point of reference for many companies in the European market as it customizes production with personalized design under its
own brand.

DESIGN and R & D

R&D department plays a key role in Cesare Quaranta Company.

A qualified team of engineers and professional technicians works daily to improve and innovate products involving the whole production cycle.

Starting from the external equipment design to arrive to the internal technologies, the aim of this department is to diversify the production and to satisfy new consumers needs.

They works closely with marketing, sales and production departments in order to experiment with products that increasingly meet market’s need.

Cesare Quaranta success is mainly based on external collaboration with engineers, aesthetic doctors, nutritionists, distributors and Universities.


Cesare Quaranta employs a quality management system according to ISO 13485:2016 for the design, production and techinical assistance of electro-medical devices for dermocosmetics and in according to ISO 9001: 2015 for the design, production and technical assistance of equipment for aesthetic
and medical use with the aim of consolidating the quality level achieved in the production processes and reinforcing the renewal and the continuous improvement already present in all the company areas.

Quality management of equipment technical assistance of the protects the customer from the point of view of short timing and excellent procedures in the management of any requests for technical interventions of the equipment.

Cesare Quaranta devices are equipped with technical documents intended for the professional operators: user manuals and methods. They allow to simplify the operational functions and at the same time to ensure correct instructions to the area managers for a continuous and correct devices monitoring.
Each piece of equipment has been tested both from a functional point of view (reliability and performance) and from safety. It is carried out in full compliance with the standards set by the European Community and regularly submitted to strict compliance checks.